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madaveHow a website designer got started

In the 1950’s and ’60s the phrase “Madison Avenue” was synonymous with visions of slick advertising campaigns and the hustle and bustle of big businesses pitching and vying for the consumer’s dollar.

While many of the larger and more famous advertising agencies actually had a Madison Avenue address (situated between 5th Ave and Park Ave); it is more a state of mind than an actual thoroughfare populated by a sea of yellow cabs and account managers on their way to 3 martini lunches.

Many famous, creative, and effective ad campaigns came out of Madison Avenue. The tradition lives on here in Australia.

Melbourne had its own “Madison Avenue”, which was “St. Kilda Road” during the 1970’s and ’80s. Most of the top advertising agencies were located there.

After a successful run in NYC, beginning in 1980, Madison Avenue Crafts, which incorporates Graphic and Web Design, was established in Australia in 1988.

Madison Avenue Design was one of the first art and design studios in Melbourne to embrace the Desk Top Publishing (DTP) revolution of the late1980’s, and adding Website design to the repertoire in 1996.

We bring together the best of both worlds of Graphic art and Website optimization to help grow your business through an effective and functional website.