Domain Name Registration

Domain Name Registration

Small Businesses need a domain name registration. Startups and sole traders do too. Firstly, domain names are required to host websites. Secondly, domain names lets you have professional looking business emails. And thirdly, a domain name relevant to your business improves SEO.

Domain name registration differs from registering a business name. Business names require an ABN or ACN. Domain name registration however, doesn’t require that.

As a matter of fact, anyone can register a domain name. Some conditions may apply, though. Your domain name doesn’t have to match your business name. Although, that is common practice. If available, you can register your actual name. We help find the best name for your domain.

This is the first step in presenting a professional web image. Another key point is to decide on the domain name extension.

Domain extensions explained

Your business name goes to the left of the dot. Top Level Domain (TLD) is the extension to the right of the dot. For example, (dot).Gov which shows a government website. Another example is (dot).Org or (dot).Info.  This often shows a non-commercial organisation. Country Code TDLs like .au indicate geographic location. Customers tend to trust local domains.

Extensions are often seen to the left of the business name. As can be seen in This (delivery) is a sub domain. Sub domains seperate sections of the business.

All things considered, go beyond the classic dot com. For example, use specialty domains like .biz. Instantly define your industry. Impress prospective customers!

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After all that, we do all the setup required. Simply supply the details. Australian registrations are for a min/max 2 years. Other domains registered up to ten years.

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