Adding a Quotation Module case study

Website update needed to capture quote information

CMS website enabled this small business to understand their prospects requirements



This small business in Moorabbin had a basic website that did not do much except display their contact information and a few details. As they worked in a regulated industry with frequent changes to the government guidelines and rebates, they needed to obtain specific information from their prospects in order to provide them with an accurate quote of the proposed work.

Their previous website was a simple, static, HTML website, which only allowed for one way communication. It was also hard to update when new information came out. The website design solution for them was to convert their website to one that used a content management system (CMS). With a CMS, the front end of the website (what the visitors see), stores information from the editor of the site or visitor, to the back end database (visitors do not see this).

The database is usually a MYSQL type of file which, in simple terms, stores information, like the content text of the website, and in this case, information that visitors keyed in response to a quote form. Their new website is quite modular; very easy to add components. A quotation form was developed to ask the specific questions that required to work out if the prospect was entitled to government solar rebates.

Other modules employed in this website show a feed to their Facebook page and client reviews from another website.

SSand P’s new dynamic website also allows them the opportunity to edit and update the content of their website whenever they like. The results are instantaneous and do not attract a fee from the website designer.

Advice was also given to acquire and additional shorter domain name. Their existing domain name is 4 words or 27 characters long. The advantage of this is that the domain name matches their business name and contains the key words they want to be found by. The disadvantage of such a long domain name is that it is a mouthful to tell someone over the phone, plus it dose not fit well on other business graphics like business cards and brochures. By shortening the domain name to 6 characters, this made it easier to communicate verbally and graphically.