Business Emails

Stop using Gmail for business emails!

Business email

Running a small business? Still using using free email domains for “business emails”? Look at business listings onYellow Pages. Then see if you find many gmail contacts there.

Think a business name in front of a gmail account is a good idea? Think again. Which sounds better? or

Your email name says much about your business. Be taken seriously. Earn your customer’s trust. Look like a legitimate business endeavour. Every email sent reinforces your business brand. Conversely, using private emails restricts business growth.

  • Credibility. Don’t look like a part time job. Also, think how your email looks in the customer’s in box. For instance, sounds domestic. At best, they won’t act on the email promptly. At worst, they may delete it without reading it.
  • Scaleability. Our business website hosting packages can have many email boxes. Add people or departments. So you can have multiple personalised email addresses. Or, for example.
  • Promotability. Every email subtly brands your business name to your customers.

Invest in a Domain Name Registration. When you do, you can have a proper business email. Prospective customers will have more confidence in doing business with you. As a result, increase your sales.

Business Emails and Website Hosting

You don’t have to give up your existing free email account. Most business owners prefer an easy email workflow. They don’t want to setup another email account on their device.

First, we set up your business email to forward to your private email. Next, we instruct you to set up your outgoing email settings. For example, “reply to settings” is adjusted. Therefore, prospects and customers don’t see your personal email name. We also recommend to amend your email signature.

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