Mobile Friendly Website Redesign case study

Making it easy to view on a smart phone


Based in Elsternwick, this small restaurant was run by the former owner of Remezzo in Ormond. Having had an effective website no doubt helped to grow the business enough to start up another.

This website design is rather simple. A home page with shop hours, a contact page with location map, and a link to their take away menu. Not much actual content in the website, which is a good way of keeping the website out of Google’s radar. (That’s not what you want to do!) It was no surprise when the owner commented that his loyal Ormond customers were having trouble finding the new website. The solution was to beef up the website with more content that also mentioned the new location. Plans went ahead to replicate the content of their former site which did quite well attracting visitors from Google searches.

Based on experience in current trends, we noted that mobile phone visitors to website are increasing and in particular to businesses such restaurants. Many people on the go today will be away from their home computer when they want to search for a place to eat out. Mobile visitors can be up to 60%, and growing. So we decided to put the new content and website design into a format that suited smaller devices like smart phones.

smartphoneAn “app” was created for the new Bocconcini website, which displayed their entire take away menu in a format which was easy to read on the small screens. The app also has links to their Facebook and photo pages. It was not long before customers commented on and complimented the new smart phone website design.

Since the new format, content, and search engine optimisation work has been completed, the daily website visitors has more than doubled.

This website now ranks very high for its desired keywords, such as “pasta elsternwick”. Type in “pizza elsternwick” in a Google search, and their restaurant lists alongside long time established competitors in the area.