First Website for Pizza Shop case study

Ormond business puts menu on the map


This restaurant in Ormond never had a website for its customers to view it’s menu on. It had printed flyers, but prospective enquiries on the phone about booking an office function or party were not able to see the food menu and the restaurant did not have a fax machine to send one out.

The answer of course, was to design a website that listed their take away food menu. Phone enquiries soon dropped and actual booking rose! With this Madison Avenue Web Design website, the owner is able to login and make changes anytime they need to update the menu. This is done without involvement of the web designer or expense to the owner of the small business. No design or programming skills are required.

In addition to creating a low cost, simple but effective website for their small business, a Google Map was made to list the location of the restaurant. The Google Map was optimised, just like the website, so as to maximise the number of potential visitors to the website.

Their map will typicaly get over 3,000 “impressions” per month. That means that their google map listing came up that many times on people’s screens when visitors did a Google search for a particular key word string such as “Pizza Ormond”. The impression does not nessisarily mean that the viewer will click onto the target website, or even if the viewer notices the listing, but it is there to be seen.

In Remezzo’s case, over 10% of the impressions result in clicks to the website. But this does not mean that the remainder of impressions are ignored. Even without clicking for more information, viewers are able to see the phone number in the listing, and this has helped to increase the number of phone bookings.