Google Map for Business

Google Map for Business

Google Maps

“Build a better mouse trap and the world will beat a path to your door…” as the old saying goes, “But not if the world can’t find your door !” … should be how it ends. A Google map will lead prospective customers to your door. In this case, your website.

A google map for your business is very desirable. It will place your business on the first page of Google searchs. Try this is exercise. Search for a business like yours. For example, “cafes near me”. You will notice that Google lists the physical locations of the search results query in a seperate “maps” section.

It’s most likely that your existing business is already on Google Business Maps. Google does not edit these map listings. It’s not their business. It’s yours. Therefore, you know what information is required.

Adding or Claiming The Google Map of Your Business

How do I edit my business on Google Maps? You can do it yourself. Alternatively, we will do it. First, you must claim it. New businesses or new locations need to be created. You are only allowed to register a business where you have a physical address. Next, you will verify your business. And finally, we can fill in the missing details.

Details like contact information and business hours. Additionally, clients can review your business. Any review will boost the ranking of the map. In other words, make it more visible than competitors.

As noted, we take care of these details. Don’t delay, contact us now to learn more.