All websites are not created equally

Build a Dynamic Website

Some sites can be created with a single file, usually in “Flash” or “Shockwave” format. Others, done in traditional HTML format may require a separate file for each page, graphics, templates, javascripts and other add-ons. These kinds of sites are usually referred to as being “static” because they do not change unless the web designer is involved.

Madison Avenue Webdesign specialises in Dynamic CMS websites

A CMS (Content Management System) website is more sophisticated. In addition to the website itself, which usually comprises of several thousand files, there is a database which stores the actual content of the website, such as articles and  user details. This is sometimes referred to as a “dynamic” website in that the owner or authorised users can submit information to be published.

A static web site may have some advantages such as being quick and easy to produce, but they have major disadvantages in today’s Search Engine driven internet.  A dynamic web site is more search engine friendly.

Other advantages include:

  • Easy update of articles by the website owner
  • No website programming knowledge required
  • Easy to change or add website pages
  • Store client information
  • Different levels of website security and access

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