Setup a Shopify Online Store

Setup a Shopify Online Store In Your Local Area

Shops have new needs because of COVID-19 requirements. Occupancy restrictions limit customer attendance. Businesses don’t want to handle cash. They need to pay online. They need to offer “click ‘n collect”. Setup a Shopify Online Store to. meet these needs.

Many shops have a website which displays its goods for sale. They have phone ordering but no online shopping cart. Customers however want to pay online. There is no facility to accept payments, therefore losing sales.

Some popular online stores have high fees. Businesses require less expensive secure payment gateways in order to increase profits.

The solution is to setup an E-commerce website

Shopify is a very popular shopping cart solution for businesses in your area. Many shops small and large are using this solution.

This secure site can match the style of your existing site. No site? No problem! Shopify will provide the web hosting. No domain name registration is required. Shopify will provide a unique web link to use. Use this link on your Facebook, Instagram page. Use the link in email or print too.

Some tips for setting up the online shop

Firstly, product photos imported from your Instagram page are handy. This simplifies the build and therefore keeps costs down. Secondly, a selective list of products and prices speed up the inventory catalogue. For example, import a spreadsheet to populate your shopping site. The same process will let you update the catalogue.

Shopify is very flexible.

Once the catalogue is finished, delivery options are then added. For example, “pickup” or “delivery” can be selected. In addition, you can control when the site goes live. The on line store automatically closes after business hours. This prevents customers from placing orders out of hours. There is an option to restrict orders by location.

Even more, there are options for coupons and discounts. The easy to use back end tracks the orders.

And finally, the app will notify the owner when an order arrives. Customers are notified when their order is ready.

Intuitive by design, site owners require little instruction to begin. Sit back and watch the orders come in.

Contact us for pricing to set up your online store. Pricing for ongoing Shopify Hosting can be found here.



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