Corporate Makeover case study

Corporate makeover for a small business

A range of graphic and website design requirements


As a new business, Small Business Works had a variety of website and graphic design requirements.

To begin with, their logo required an overhaul, so the first order of business was to do a re design. Part of the brief stated that it was important to ensure that the corporate colours were consistent when used in different medium such as business card printing, brochures or on the website.

Once the logo design was finalised, it could be incorporated into the new website design and business cards.

The original website was done by the owner. As a first effort, it served the purpose, but when your small business is in growth mode, getting bogged down in areas outside your specialty like website design and layout, detracts from achieving your original business goals. Building your own website may save you money in the short run, but overall, design and functionality is best left to a graphic designer.