Social Media Advertising

Social Media AdvertisingSocial Media Advertising for Your Business

The rise of Social Media Advertising is no surprise. Worldwide Social Media usage is now measured in the billions. In fact, over 70% of internet users regularly view digital social media. It is not surprising therefore, to see the potential for business promotion.

Generate more sales with Social Media Advertising

It’s a numbers game. To begin with, start with large number of ad placements. More placements equals more opportunity. The budget governs the amount of placements. Then, this will lead to impressions. An impression is when your ad appears on a device. Devices are fixed like computers or mobile like phones. And so, interested prospects interact with your ad. Clicks on your ad or phone calls are interactions or engagement. And finally, conversions are the resulting sales. Therefore, more opportunity leads to more sales.

Very cost effective way to promote your business.

Social Media Advertising easily tailors to your target markets. Limit where your ad is placed by a number of factors. The easiest is by distance. For example, only show your ad to people within 10km of your business. Refine that by gender or age and the target audience narrows. While the number of placement decreases however, the quality of prospect increases.

Choice of Social Media Advertising campaigns.

As can be seen, there are a number of platforms available.  For instance, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube are the most popular. Otherwise, Contact Us for other platforms.

Basic Social Media Campaign 

  • Choice of Facebook, Instagram or YouTube campaign.
  • 3 ads setup on to 3 targeted audiences*
  • Monthly report

Advanced Social Media Campaign 

  • Facebook and Instagram campaign
  • 6 ads setup on 6 targeted audiences*
  • Monthly reports

Features Includes

  • No lock in. No Commitment
  • Campaign goals consultation
  • One-off campaigns to existing account are available

*Setup fee to create new Social Media accounts