Website Design Case Study

Website Design for a naturopath: a case study

Website Design SHN

Professional service seeking new website design

This naturopath is located in East Bentleigh, Melbourne. They required a first time website design for their established business. And additionally, lots of advice.

Firstly, Madison Avenue Web Design arranges domain registration. The desired name matches their business name. We use a top accredited registrar.

Next, we choose a suitable small business website hosting package. It is very economical and within the budget.

Then, email addresses are set up. Therefore, they now have professional internet contact details. Previously, they use their personal gmail address. Now, potential customers have confidence when they see a business email.

Finally, with an effective designed website comes recognition. Previous to having the website, their business was invisible on the internet. For example, take people doing a web search for a local naturopath. They find several results, but not for our client. That would soon to be changed.

To effect that change, SEO is applied. Search Engine Optimisation facilitates successful such google searches. Very soon after their website launch, results improve. To illustrate, an industry leader in their field contacted them. They comment on their newly designed website. The feedback is good.

While this website starts off basic, it has growth potential. For example, add a bookings app. A quote form is another.

In conclusion, we’ve ticked all the requested boxes.


“Madison Avenue Crafts created our website. They provided excellent advice. Starting from the time we first contacted them to the finished item. Moreover, the good service continues after the website is live. Such as ready solutions for any questions or further information needed.

I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone requiring a website design. Especially for a smaller business such as ours.”

Alex Richardson. Staying Healthy Naturopathy. East Bentleigh.